Pitch Akk Charlie Lichnowski the pro skier is going to learn you a tricks.

Charlie Lichnowski Akk “PITCH”

Pitch, it”s your turn to speak and expalin us how to do a cork 720 mute:

The cork 720 mute grab

Hi everybody!

So to do a cork 7 , first you have to have the good position on the kicker.  Each jump you will do  you have to think that the result  depends on your position at the kicker. If you are almost falling right before the jump, your tricks will be dirty and the opposite if you”re already in balance on the kick your tricks will be nice.

So one good position to take a kicker is: flex your nees, keep your skis parallel. After that you look like a monkey! it”s the name of the position monkey style.

Monkey style (position to take the jump)

In a second time when you are in the end of the jump you have to to trigger the spin. It” sreally important to wait the end of the jump before start the spin because if you start a little bit soon, you loose your speed and after you check  the knole (place betwin the landing an the flat) oh mannnn! So to initiate the spin it”s a coordination between the legs and the arms. You open them both then you strength them. for the cork 7 juste after narrowing your arm and online casino legs put  your knees up to your stomack and penche the head back.

after the spin starts to starting you have to wait in the same position to finish the tricks, it”s really important that if you are scared and open your body the spin stop an you land not on your legs  %#!.§§!

To do a cork 7 with a grab it”s a little bit different. That it”s to say, you start the spin and after the first 360° you have to grab your ski. to do a mute if you”re regular you cross th e left legs an catch the left ski with the right hand(it”s the opposite if you”re goofy). After cathcing your ski youre on horizontal sense  to reaxle your spin you have to tweak your grab. i explain, when you do a grab your spin changes and so if want land on your legs you have to tweak your grab, that it”s to stay pull on your skis to become on the vertical position but at the same time paying attention at the landing to stop the spin at the good moment.

Good bye evrerybody, have great time at the Park!

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