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p> I interviewed a Professional freeskier ” Alexandre Boussant-Morin”. 

Alexandre”s Sum up:

Sponsors: K2, Oxbow, Smith, Sunset park, St martin d”Uriage, MTG

Location: Val Thorens

Favorite tricks: flat spin 540 shiffty, cab bio 9

Prize List: First at North face ski challenge 2011, second at Champs of Chamrousse…

The Interview:

Interviewer: So Alex, can you give us an advice to ride very well?

Alex: At  first No pressure, have a good time! That”s to say, find some friends to ride with you, skiing must be enjoy the sport, it”s a way to share with them lot of emotions. It is a moment  that you feel free. I explain, you are at the mountain and you look at the nature, you feel connect with it and you can share this with your friends. This is the perfect description of the Freeski. You enjoy and that”s all.

At second you have to have the perfect equipment for online casino you. Some skis adapted with the snow and the discipline you practice. It”s really important beacause today with the new technologies, that evolved reallyt fast, the equipment makes  all the difference. All brands at the moment do some crazy ski equipment, there is just a difference between the flex of your skis, the inches… So you have to find your own perfect stuff. For that ask the professionals (personnel”s shop, skiing instructor…). For example, i think the boots are the most important. If you don’t have the good boots, the good size for your feet, ohh man! You”re going to cry every day of the season. lol!

Interviewer: thanks Alex for the advices. Now Can you tell me what do you is your favorite thing in the Freeski?( Park, Freeride, Jib…)

Alex: I really like the Park because you can practice it almost every day of the season. But if there is some fresh powder! I don”t think twice, i choose the powder! ahah
And sometimes at night, if a cameraman is motivated to shoot, I enjoy doing Street.

interviewer: What”s your favorite spot?

Alex: I think it”s the Val thorens’ Snowpark  , because it”s close to where i live, the jumps are big and there is just a lot of good vibes there.

Interviwer: thank you very much Alex for all of these secrets, see you dude!

To conclude, if you need some advices to choose your own equipment, you can ask at La Luge”s personnel go over come there! There is everything that you need to ride very well.